Our newest academy recruit Jade Goodwin was selected to take part in the WFG Le Mans 24hr Sim race at the McLaren Advanced Technology Centre.

We at MRA saw this as a great opportunity for Jade to take part in a team racing exercise and to experience the perspicatity of being in the company of some very professional, talented, and focused people.As you can see from her account below it was a success

Let’s talk about McLaren !

First of all I’d just like to say what an extremely well run event and experience.

When we arrived we were very warmly welcomed and so so well looked after. The staff were so friendly and the place just takes your breath away. There is a hallway with some of the best f1 cars in history. Lining the walls were such cars as Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 championship winning car and Aryton sennas last mclaren which was a moment I’ll have for life.

Whilst I was there I was able to talk to some of the worlds fastest gamers who were extremely friendly and lovely lads. One thing that I must say about them is how hard working and focused they are; you can truly feel the love they have, for what they do and their determination. I wish them a lot of luck with future events and the lucky few who made it to the next round!

The room the simulators where set up in where just incredible! In the room it was very quiet but you could feel the absolute focus in the air. The other teams where also very chatty and all really good sports on and off the track.

Also whilst at McLaren we were very well fed and looked after, I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to eat pizza at the same table as a Le man winner! Which as a young racer was amazing to talk about his journey through karting to where he is. A personal highlight being the McLaren brownies which are possibly the most delicious things I have ever tasted!

8 hours into the race I was asked to join the commentators in the commentary box, which was broadcast live on McLarens YouTube! Which is also a moment I’ll have for life! The questions asked and the feedback from friends, family and the motorsport world means all to much to me. id personally like to thank everyone for the support, every comment, share and wish of luck! It meant a lot to me. This was an amazing event and I’m absolutely thrilled I got to be a part of it!