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We offer driver coaching to the highest standard, and we focus on the complete package. We believe that to become a complete driver you need to be talented, committed, determined & self-confident. It is also important in equal measures to be both mentally and physically willing & able to push yourself to your limits.

What we focus on


Driving ability

Driving requires concentration, focus and good reflexes. We believe in practising as much as you can on the track to build up your experience and confidence behind the wheel.


Mental focus

It all starts with the mind and believing in yourself. We help our drivers build up their confidence and concentration so they can always perform to a high level when on the track and in competitions.


Strength training

As a racer you will use different sets of muscles compared to a footballer or a boxer, therefore we ensure you are physically prepared for the rigours of kart racing.



Without the right fuel you won’t get very far – that’s why we teach our drivers about the right nutrition and foods as well. By teaching and leading by example we believe you’ll be a better driver.

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We have a range of coaching packages to help you develop and hone your skills to the best of your abilities. We focus on all aspects of kart racing and our coaching team has over 60 years of experience between them.